Not all of us have our own personal photographer, so when it comes to taking sexy photos, it’s all about how to take a sexy selfie the right way.

The girls at VIP Escorts Marbella - give you the 12 tips to take the perfect sexy selfie.

At the end of the day, there’s no actual wrong way to take a photo. Nor is there a right way to take a sexy selfie. Why? Because everyone finds different things sexy. You eating a pizza with grease running down your face is sexy to someone. While for others seeing a bikini selfie is the ultimate sexy selfie. So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what’s in the content of your selfie, but there are still tips for how to take a sexy selfie.

How to take a sexy selfie – The 12 best tips to keep in mind

Though selfie-taking makes you feel sexy, at the same time, when you’re not sure where your hands go or what to do with your face it makes you feel like an idiot. Whether taking a selfie on your bed, cooking, or walking your dog, you can make it super sexy. I mean, if you’re in the selfie, it’s already sexy.

But if you want to know some tricks and tips to make the selfie-taking process easier, then you came to the right place. Girl, you just need to know your angles.

#1 Know your best features. This takes a while. Honestly, it’s not easy to see your best features sometimes. It took me a while to understand that I have a great smile, something I didn’t see before. So, take some time and look at yourself, look at your body, your face and see what parts of you are beautiful. Of course, we all have parts that we don’t like, but, it’s a selfie, you decide what you show. [Read: 15 ways to unleash the sex goddess hidden within]

#2 Don’t be afraid to pose. Your angles make the selfie, seriously. Pose the shit out of your selfies. Play around with the angles of your camera and body. If you’re not sure where to start, shoot from above and tilt the camera. It elongates the body. But the only way to find out what angle suits you is to test them all out. [Read: How to be sexy and own your own unique attractiveness]

#3 Play with your face. This sounds silly but play around with your facial expressions. How else are you going to do it? Exactly. So, either stand in front of a mirror or in front of the camera and try out different angles. You discover which is your good side, trust me. After that, it’s the only side you want to photograph.

#4 Lighting is everything. Lighting is literally everything when it comes to taking a sexy selfie. When it comes to lighting, natural light is always the best. To get the best natural light, stand next to a window.

But if you want something more sensual, yellow lighting also sets the mood for some sexy selfies. Play around with the lighting and find which works best with your camera.

#5 Use filters. Listen, if you want to put a filter on your photo, go ahead. If you want to photoshop a pimple from your face, do it. I don’t think you should photoshop your body to the point where it doesn’t actually look like you. But, use filters if you want. It’s your selfie.

#6 Mirrors are your friend. There’s no need to do crazy backbends in order to take a cute butt selfie. Instead, just use a mirror. Whether it’s a bathroom mirror or a full-length mirror, you’ll be able to use your front-facing camera to take the best shot. Mirrors are your friends.

#7 Be in the mood for a selfie. When it comes to knowing how to take a sexy selfie, it’s all about the mood. If you don’t want to take a sexy selfie, then don’t. This is a moment for you to get in touch with your sensual and sexy side. So, if you’re not feeling it, then take it another day. Forcing yourself to take a selfie isn’t right. Your photo isn’t going to come out as well as you think it will. When you truly feel sexy, take the selfie. [Read: 14 tips to revamp and reveal the hot and sexy you]

#8 This isn’t a race. Of course, there are some people who take a sexy selfie without even taking out their camera. They’re naturals. For the rest of us, it takes a little more work. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means you need to take a couple more selfies to get it right. Who said selfie-taking was easy? It’s a lot of work and practice.

#9 Wear clothes that make you sexy. Or don’t wear clothes. The point is, you need to wear or not wear clothing that makes you sexy. How else will you get into the vibe of sexy selfie taking? Plus, there’s something about wearing a sexy outfit which makes you feel empowered, and it shows on camera.

#10 Take selfies that are sexy to you. Take a selfie that you feel is sexy. Don’t try to mimic someone because you think other people will like it. Screw the others, this is about you. However you take the photo and however you feel while taking it shows on camera. Remember that. So, if you think it’s sexy, so will other people.

#11 Who cares if the selfie’s blurry. If you take a selfie that comes out blurry, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be clear. If anything, the blurriness adds a little mystery to the whole thing. If you send the photo to someone *cough cough* they’re not going to care if the photo is blurry. [Read: How to send naughty pictures without getting in trouble]

#12 Pose naturally. If you look at any celebrity who’s famous for selfies, you see they all have a signature look. This look, of course, is super sexy, but it’s also what’s comfortable for them to pose in. Pose in positions and facial expressions that feel natural to you. Or else you look forced, and it comes off as desperate.



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