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Marbella Sex Life

Sex in Marbella is not the only reason to come to Puerto Banus

Marbella is known as the «millionaire’s playground». It has long had a reputation for being a haven for the elite – complete with an exotic mix of nationalities and appetites.


When you think of Marbella, what comes to mind?  Thanks to its year-round mild climate and a spectacular natural backdrop, Marbella has been a playground for the rich and famous since the 1950s, when wealthy Europeans first put it on the map as a high-end tourist destination. Grand hotels, luxury restaurants, and multimillion-euro mansions line the waterfront.

The town is a mixture of a charming casco antiguo (old quarter), where visitors can get a taste of the real Andalusia; an ordinary, tree-lined main thoroughfare (Avenida Ricardo Soriano) flanked by high-rises; and a buzzing Paseo Marítimo (Seafront Promenade), which now stretches some 10 km (6 miles) to San Pedro in the west. The best beaches are to the east of the town between El Rosario and the Don Carlos Hotel. Puerto Banús, the place to see and be seen during the summer, is Spain’s most luxurious marina, home to some of the most expensive yachts you will see anywhere. A bevy of restaurants, bars, and designer boutiques are nearby.

But when you come to Marbella – there is one question that must be answered first:

  • bring your wife or girlfriend?
  • come with a group of male friend/colleagues?
  • come alone

marbella sex life with beautiful escorts in puerto banus

In Puerto Banus you can find girls for every taste from different ethnic groups. To be honest, it’s very difficult to rate the girls in general by their looks in Marbella because most of the girls are tourists.

You can find gorgeous, tall, model-type girls all the way to ugly fat girls with a bad skin. Obviously not all girls are attractive, but the general overview of the girls is very good. The thing which increases the rating to 4 / 5 is that most girls who are going to Marbella, like to party. When girls are partying, they will make themselves look as attractive as possible. This is why most of the girls look good.

If you play your cards well, you will wake up next to a girl who you met last night. If the girl had a heavy makeup last night, you might get an unpleasant surprise in the morning if she had washed her face before catching some zzz. If that was just a one night stand, who cares how she looks like in the morning. At least you had some fun!

Rating the girls by their attitude is hard, because most of the girls are tourists. Here are a couple of things which make the girls’ attitude good in Marbella:
  • Most girls are in a party mood with no limitations.
  • Many of the girls are European tourists. European girls are very open minded of having sex with a stranger.
  • A big percentage of the girls are single. Marbella gathers mostly partying tourists than couples.
  • Also superficial girls are willing to spread their legs on small hours if they haven’t found a rich man from the nightclub or casino.

A couple of things which make the girls’ attitude bad in Marbella:

  • Many of the girls are posh or gold diggers. These ones are searching only for rich guys who are buying bottles of champagne in the nightclub.
  • When girls are having fun in a group (for example bachelorette party), there are always a couple of female cockblockers (clam jammer). A typical female clam jammer is usually in relationship (or just ugly) herself and don’t want her friends to have fun with guys.

Marbella sex life is better than the beach!

So by far the best plan for when you are coming to Marbella for some sea, sand and sex is to find the best hotel/villa and then contact VIP Escorts Marbella. We have the best escort girls in Puerto Banus and all with REAL PHOTOS!


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