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Day: April 11, 2023

7 Tips to a Better Sex Life!

VIP Escorts Marbella Sex Life Tips!


If it’s been awhile since your last romp in the hay, sex can be a great way to spice things up. Sex can also help you relax and reconnect with your partner, so if you’re feeling stuck in a rut or just plain bored with bedroom antics, here are some ways to make your next romp a little more exciting and get a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life:

Make time for sex.

Sex is important for your relationship. It can help you feel closer to your partner, and it’s also an opportunity for intimacy that you might not have time for if you’re busy with work or kids. Even though sex doesn’t take long–about 20 minutes on average–it does require some planning and effort.

If you want to get a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life, here are some tips:

  • Schedule sex dates with each other in advance (and stick to those dates). You can even set aside specific days of the week as “our” time! This way, there won’t be any excuses when one person has something else going on at night.
  • If possible, try having sex in different places around your house so that both partners get excited about exploring new areas together while they’re naked 🙂

Learn to talk about your fantasies and desires.

To get a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life important to be open and honest about what you want, and not just in bed. If you’re feeling shy, start by talking about the things that turn you on during an intimate moment with your partner. It can also help if they share their fantasies with you first.

Once both of you have opened up about what turns each other on, try experimenting with new things together–whether it’s a sex toy or roleplay scenario!

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

To get a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life – you need to try new things.

If you’re not sure about something, talk to your partner. If they’re uncomfortable with it or don’t like it, try something else! If a particular activity doesn’t do anything for one person but does for another, that’s okay too–there are plenty of other ways for both of you to have fun together.

Get comfortable talking about money.

Money is a taboo topic in many relationships. It’s important to talk about money as early as possible, but some people find it difficult to bring up the subject. Here are some tips on how to get a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life by talking about money with your partner:

  • Be honest and open about what you want out of life and how much it will cost.
  • If you’re having trouble communicating clearly, try writing things down instead of saying them out loud–it might help clarify things for both of you!
  • Remember that communication is key! The more open lines of communication there are between two people (or more), the better they will understand each other’s needs and desires.

Try a blindfold or handcuffs, or another BDSM toy or technique.

If you want a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life! blindfolds are a fun way to try something new. You can use a scarf or tie, or even get a blindfold specifically designed for this purpose. Handcuffs are also another good option if you’re interested in bondage and domination (BDSM). You can get handcuffs at any sex toy store, but if you want something more elaborate, there are lots of options online as well. If you don’t have any experience with BDSM toys like whips and paddles, it might be best not to start with those until after you’ve gotten used to the basics!

If you feel comfortable doing so, try experimenting with these things outside of the bedroom as well–that way it will feel less like an unusual experience when trying them at home later on!

Experiment with different sexual positions and locations.

Experiment with different sexual positions and locations and you will soon beon your way to a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life!

Sex doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom, and it can be exciting to try new places and things in the bedroom. Try having sex on the kitchen counter or on top of your dining room table! You might even find that some positions are easier than others when you’re standing up, rather than lying down (and vice versa).

Don’t forget that there’s more than one way for two people who love each other very much–and sometimes even more than two people–to enjoy themselves sexually!

Sex can be better when you’re open about what you want, instead of following the same script every time

Sex is a great way to connect with your partner, relieve stress and get in shape. It can also be an effective way to release endorphins, which can help you feel happier and more relaxed.

And if all this isn’t enough for you, sex has been shown to improve relationships by strengthening bonds between partners through intimacy–and that’s not just because it feels good (although it does). Sex helps people feel closer by increasing their levels of oxytocin and vasopressin, hormones that are associated with bonding and trust.

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If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and you want a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life –  it can help to get out of your head and into your body. Try experimenting with different positions or locations for sex–even if it’s just lying on the floor instead of in bed! You may discover that there are other ways to enjoy each other’s bodies than what comes naturally from habit or familiarity. And if all else fails? Get some toys from our store and have fun! Follow these tips and you will soon have a VIP Escorts Marbella sex life!

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