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Día: 20 de agosto de 2018

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It is every man’s fantasy . . . When someone books a Marbella escort for the first time, one of the questions I like to ask is “What’s the #1 sexual fantasy you’d like to fulfill, but haven’t been able to?” Hands down, the top answer is a Two Girl Encounter, otherwise known as a Threesome or Three-Way Sex Party.

Why is this such a common desire, and what makes having two women in bed so special? A number of different factors often are the cause. We often see conquering two ladies in bed at the same time as being something worthy of praise – something that every man must experience at least once in their life. I agree wholeheartedly! There’s nothing like having two beautiful women on either side of you, both focused on you, lavishing you with attention. With that being said, the most common follow up question I get is “so how does a two girl party actually work?” I want to go through those details with you, step by step, so that when you do come in to have a threesome, you’re ready to go!

First, the three of us enter the room together after negotiating out the details. The negotiation always comes before the party, and involves all three parties. This is where we go over any special requests that you may have, and decide on how long we would like to spend together. Most gentleman find that longer encounters work better for them, so that we can explore all the variations and different positions. Once in the room, I always like to start things off with a sexy two-girl strip tease. Piece by piece, we will slowly and seductively slide out of our dress, revealing matching lingerie underneath. Piece of piece, this too slowly comes off, and ends up with our dresses on the floor. Now its your turn. Together, we reach across your belt, loosening your shirt before sliding it over your head. Four hands, two on each side, slide down your exposed body, kissing along the skin there. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?


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